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Formed 1st January 1973


We are a small group of enthusiastic paragliding pilots who are able to share the opportunity for excitement, thrills, pleasure and challenge, offered by the sport of paragliding. We operate at Barton Aerodrome, Manchester, Saturday & Sunday mornings (0630 in the car park), weather permitting. Bank holidays, too. We normally operate from around April, to somewhere around October/November. In summer, we try to get some in in the evenings.



Through winter, C.I.A., 0900, first Sunday of the month., for brekky & mickey taking.

An open invite...

Breakfast at the Weatherspoons Castle in the Air

We normally get there around 10am, after flying, to plan for the hills & to chat.


This site is home to Airkix & the Chill Factor-e.

If you’re in the neighbourhood & hungry,  you’re more than welcome to join us... we’ll talk your ears off!

A bit of fun:

Wanna to see what it’s like above cloudbase?

Go here...NASA




Important information regarding


Seems like new members have to give a valid mobile number to join Yahoo. Due to privacy concerns, this may not be acceptable to the member. If this is the case, either use a spare number (they’ll text you a code that you have to enter as the final stage of joining) please contact me, I have a number that’s sitting idle. I can then text you the code to your phone. I personally haven’t had an issue with them. Yet.

Facebook is our main posting area.


Prospective new/student members please be aware,  we have a waiting list for training from scratch.

(It’s not surprising, there’s not many non-profit clubs offering training anymore - are we the only one? This list is constantly changing. Contact us to find out more.)


Prospective members with qualifications (BHPA) wishing for a tow conversion shouldn’t be a problem, talk to our C.F.I.

(Or better yet, just come on down - this applies to everyone!)





It can be frustrating, we know.

  • Go outside your door. Does it look half decent?
  • Look up. Are the clouds inviting? (Not scudding along at 100mph!)
  • Is it raining?
  • Is the forecast good? (look for around 10mph max for Barton - the BBC weather is pretty good.)
  • Has your door blown to because of the wind? Is your wig still on?
  • What’s the pressure? Rising? High? Dropping? Low?


After your assessment, if still in doubt, call someone to verify.


This is actually part of your training. It’s important for you to get a grip on the weather, and figuring this out is vital. There will be occasions that you get to Barton and you are alone.... That just means you got it wrong. You haven’t climbed a mountain though, have you? No problem, go back to bed, and learn.


Next time.


There are lots of days we have to be optimistic, and just go for it. Lots of those times, we meet in the car park, get blown about, get wet, chat, curse, and go back to bed. It happens.


Next time.


We still get more flights than any other club in the country over the year.

(Don’t believe me? Prove different!)








Current start time in the car park: 0600

Latest & most up to date information as to what we are doing is available in our members only groups...






Some X-cellent (geddit?) XC’s going on by members...









But if you are interested, please come on down for a chat, we’d love to meet you!





Main contact board.

For file storage.

We do NOT offer tasters, i.e. a one off try, to see if you like it.